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A day on the beach with family and friends recharges your energy levels, provides relaxation, and refreshes your soul. But a large expanse of sand filled with people and the sun beating down can become more of an ordeal than a pleasure if not adequately equipped to be comfortable and safe on the beach. A beach tent transforms your day on the beach into a mini-vacation because the best beach tent provide:

· Shade – most beaches don’t have any natural shade. A beach tent guarantees you shade and protection from the heat of the sun.

· Privacy – it is possible to change your clothing using a large towel for modesty, but a beach tent is more convenient.

· Security – a beach tent with lockable zips provides a secure space to put your belongings while you frolic in the waves.

· Storage – a day at the beach can involve as many items as a week at a campsite. A beach tent provides convenient storage for everything you need to enjoy your day fully.

· Meeting point – a brightly colored beach tent provides a visible landmark for your beach party so you can reunite after a stroll or a swim.

· Shelter – sometimes you get rain and wind at the beach. A beach tent gives you a cozy space to keep the rain off you and your possessions and to shield you from the wind and stinging sand.

· Comfort – a beach tent provides the convenience of a shelter and a campsite. You can enjoy an after-dinner nap in the shade, change into dry clothing, and eat your lunch with the comfortable or luxurious surroundings of your mobile beach hut – the versatile beach tent.

3-4 Person Easy Pop Up Beach Tent UPF 50+

This classic beach tent gives you everything you need:

  • Size: This beach tent will comfortably accommodate 3-4 people depending on your mixture of kids and adults.
  • Weight: It weighs 5.5lbs and packs neatly into its carrying case.
  • Height: At 47" high, you will not stand up in this tent (unless you are a child), but it is tall enough for you to enjoy some shade while sitting and reading a book.
  • Design: A classic beach cave providing shelter and shade – ideal for putting a baby or toddler in a safe place to play or nap on the beach.
  • Integral floor included with a padded area at the mouth of the tent.
  • Material and color: 190T Polyester fabric (tear-resistant) for the tent's body and with supporting structures of fiberglass and steel. The color is the blue of a hot summer sky without clouds.
  • Frame is galvanized steel and is robust and durable.
  • UV Protection is at the top end of SPF 50, making sure your little one's sensitive skin is kept safe from harmful rays.
  • Water-resistant polyester provides plenty of protection from sea-spray or a light shower. The taped seams show quality construction.
  • Assembly – this pop-up tent is up and ready to use in a second, and it is equally quick to pack away.
  • Ventilation comes from an open front, and high density mesh windows at the sides and base. Plus, you get a rear door so you can covert this handy beach tent into a tunnel with all-round ventilation.
  • Reflective coating – the reflective inner layer ensures that 98% of the sun's rays are reflected out of the tent, making the shade cooler and safer.
  • Extras: You get four sandbags for stability, along with the option of tethering the beach tent to the ground with string and stakes. A couple of interior storage pockets make handy places to stash small items like sunglasses and wet wipes so you can quickly find them.


Verdict: This is a nice beach tent that is quick to put up and down anywhere you need a shelter for your little ones. It provides a high degree of sun protection and makes a day at the beach fun for all.



Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter

This pop-up tent creates a cave on the beach or at the park.

  • Size: Comfortably fits 2-3 people.
  • Weight: Super portable at 4.7lbs.
  • Height: 53.15" central height gives you plenty of sitting room, and some people can stand-up under the shade.
  • Design: Beach cabana style with an umbrella-like construction.
  • Integral floor provides additional lying room outside of the shaded area.
  • Material and color: Polyester in light blue and white.
  • Frame is external to the fabric of the tent.
  • UV Protection – SFP 50 when windows are closed.
  • Water-resistant
  • Assembly – patented pop-up mechanism that allows you to erect the tent in under half a minute. Super=easy to fold away.
  • Ventilation is from large front opening and side windows.
  • Reflective coating – reflects heat and light for UVa and UVb protection.
  • Extras: Sandbags for stability, plastic studs for the floor area, carrying case, and storage bags built-in.


Verdict: This is a super-light beach tent that provides a sheltering cave for your day at the beach or the park. It is straightforward to erect and dismantle and provides a sand-free floor space that is wind, water, and sun resistant.



Head Pop Up Tent

This super-petite tent provides sun protection for your head when you are on the beach or at the park.

  • Size: At 70cm by 50cm by 45cm, this is a beach bag that fits a pocket or a bag for an instant cool spot for your head. When folded, and in its case, it measures 20cm by 20cm.
  • Weight: 5.6oz
  • Height: 45cm – you can put your head inside or use it as a cool storage tent for your lunch.
  • Design: Small scale pop-up beach tent.
  • Integral floor gives you a sand-free spot to rest your head.
  • Material and color: Blue polyester.
  • Frame is part of the structure and is a flexible plastic.
  • UV Protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Assembly – take it out of the pouch and unfold it.
  • Ventilation is from the front open but not necessary in this small tent.
  • Reflective coating – the polyester has a silver coating on the inside to keep the heat down.
  • Extras: a carrying pouch.


Verdict: Sun is very aging on the face, so it makes sense to provide extra protection for your face from sun, wind, and sand when you are sleeping on the beach. But there are plenty of other uses for a small beach tent like this one – providing shade for small pets, electronic devices, and anything else you want to store out of the sun and sand.



Portable Beach Canopy Sun Shelter

A sloped overhead canopy is all you need to provide some much-needed shade from the sun.

  • Size: Sunshade for 3-4 people, and limited standing room.
  • Weight: 4.4lbs
  • Height: 64" at the front poles gives standing access to the shade.
  • Design: Two poles, a canopy, and stabilizing sandbags giving an adjustable but straightforward design to provide shade and protection from the sun.
  • No integral floor, so you can sit directly on the sand, beach towels, or a separate groundsheet.
  • Material and color: Blue polyester.
  • Frame uses two steel poles for the front of the canopy. A foam ball at the top protects the fabric from damage.
  • UV Protection – UPF 50+
  • Water-resistant
  • Assembly – very straightforward with poles, canopy, and attached sandbags.
  • Ventilation: the canopy does not enclose your body -the sea breeze flows in and over you from all around the beach tent.
  • Reflective coating – although not mentioned, it is present to provide these high levels of sun protection.
  • Extras: carrying case.


Verdict: The canopy style of this minimal beach tent is versatile and practical. It gives you plenty of shade to lounge about on the beach or at the park. It provides shade on sunny days rather than protecting from rain or wind, and it gives shade beautifully.



1-2 Person Pop Up Beach Tent

One of the lightest pop-up beach tents on the market today and easy to deploy and pack away.

  • Size: A small beach tent that can accommodate 2 adults and 1 children.
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Height: 43.5" gives comfortable sitting room in the shade.
  • Design: A beach cave with extended sand-free floor space for comfortable lounging part in and part out of the tent.
  • Integral floor is part of the design.
  • Material and color: Blue nylon.
  • Durable metal frame
  • UV Protection to UPF 50+
  • Waterproof fabric gives you a place to shelter from the rain and wind.
  • Assembly – quick self-assembly with a pop-up action. Metal nails pin the tent into place, or you can use the sandbags.
  • Ventilation – open front with a rear mesh window.
  • Reflective coating – silvered lining keeps the heat and UV rays out of the tent, making it a cool spot for a baby's or an adult's nap in the hottest part of the day.
  • Extras: carrying case.


Verdict: It is an ideal beach tent for a couple or a young family. There is plenty of room inside for small children to hide from the sun. This versatile beach tent is ideal for protecting yourself and your family from the elements while enjoying outdoor events.



1. Types of Beach Tents
A beach tent can vary from a simple overhead canopy or sail structure to a full-sized beach house made with a frame and fabric. You define a typical beach tent by its construction.

1.1 Canopy
Think of a gazebo style structure with an overhead fabric roof - the canopy style beach tent is one of the easiest to put up and takedown. You can gain extra privacy with roll down mesh or fabric walls or have a more open structure.

Canopy tents provide a large space for family gatherings, and you can get some with a seven-foot clearance to accommodate the tallest family members. Canopy beach tents don’t come with an integral floor, so if you want a sand-free floor space, you need floor mats or groundsheets.


1.1.1 Pole Canopy
A supporting pole gives more structure and support to the canopy beach tent. You get better wind resistance, but you need to work around a central pole.


1.1.2 Frame Canopy
This beach tent uses a stronger frame for a more durable structure with increased support. These beach tents are heavier to carry because the frame (even made with lightweight materials) adds weight and bulk to the pack.


1.2 Baby
A baby beach tent does not refer to the size, but the purpose. A baby beach tent provides tailored protection against UV ad other beach hazards for the softest, most vulnerable member of your party – a baby. Baby’s skin is super-sensitive, and if you have a baby in the family, it makes sense to pack a baby beach tent as well as the family one.

The baby beach tent provides valuable shade for your baby at the beach or any other outdoor family outing.


1.3 Cabana Style
A cabana-style beach tent suits the needs of a middle-sized family. You often get storage pockets and one open side giving you an excellent view of the water. The cabana-style is like a portable beach cave you can position anywhere on the beach.


1.4 Pop-up
The pop-up beach tent erects in seconds, providing instant shade. It would be best if you tethered it down to the ground to avoid a stiff breeze lifting it and carrying it away. These can be traditional tents with a closure or opening on one side open like a cave. The pop-up beach tent often comes with an integral floor as part of the structure.


1.5 Traditional Tent
You can use your family camping tent as a beach tent rather than a beach tent in theory. In practice, you are better with a beach tent for the beach because:

· A lighter and more compact design provides shelter for the day rather than a canvas home tent.

· Beach tents have sand pockets as an alternative stabilizing method.

· Beach tents take up less space on a crowded beach.

· You don’t want your family camping tent to be covered with sand next time you go on holiday – beach tents shed sand more quickly than traditional tents.

Beach tents are ideal for the beach because they are light, colorful, dry quickly, and shed sand easily.


2. How to Choose the Best Beach Tent?
The best beach tent will improve your beach experience, so it’s worth investigating the features you need to give you a durable investment in beach fun. The necessary features depend on your likely beach conditions and how you like to spend your day.

· Size – you need a beach tent that accommodates the number of people using it. Too large, and you won’t get enough space on a crowded beach to pitch it. A too-small beach tent leaves you feeling cramped and unhappy while struggling to change your swimsuit and tripping over your possessions.

· Weight – although you get to the beach by car, you will need to carry your supplies across the beach – that may be a considerable distance from the vehicle.

· Height – you need enough height for comfortable use by all your party.


· Design – what you need from your beach tent means some designs work better than others. You may want to store your possessions, or you might want to be able to stand up and change your clothing in a private space.

· Integral floor – gives you a beach-free space to keep your food, spare clothing and provides a clean changing room. It also means you don’t need to carry an extra item to the beach.

· Material and color – most beach tents use ripstop nylon because it is light, waterproof, and wind-resistant. Reinforced corners and double seams improve durability. A bright color or pattern makes a landmark on the beach so everyone can find the meeting point.


· Frame – steel for strength, plastic is rustproof and light, and aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The frame material affects the ease of packing and durability.

· UV protection – some radiation still gets through the fabric, so look for a UPF rating of 30 to 50. One of the primary reasons for having a beach tent is to provide safe shade out of the sun’s rays.

· Ease of assembly – you don’t want to stress about dismantling a complicated beach tent when the tide is rushing in. Plus, when you get to the beach, you want to set-up quickly so you can relax and have fun.


· Waterproof – water repellant coatings are useful to deal with sea spray and the occasional shower. Look for beach tents with taped seams for improved waterproofing.

· Ventilation – mesh windows allow a breeze through the beach tent and stops the inside from getting stuffy.

· Heat reflective surfaces – a shiny lining material reflects the sun’s heat and keeps the beach tent relatively cool instead of producing dangerously high heat levels.


· Locking zips – necessary if you want to secure your positions while you go for a stroll or a swim.

· Extras provided – pockets for storage, lines to dry swimwear, tethering lines, sand pockets, and a carrying case are useful features.

· Warranty – accidents happen, and a warranty is an excellent guide to quality materials and construction.

You don’t get every feature in every beach tent, but if you know what elements are essential for your enjoyment of the beach, you can select the beach tent that fits your needs.

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