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A hammock chair is a swinging seat in a hammock style, but it occupies less space and requires one anchor point rather than two. You can hang a hammock swing chair inside or outside, from a beam, tree, pergola, or stand.

Hanging swing chairs are comfortable, versatile, and affordable swinging chairs for adults or children. They take up a lot less space than a traditional swinging garden seat, and you can pack it up for a day at the beach or park.

You can get a hammock swing chair in a range of sizes suitable for adults or kids, but if undecided, pick one for adults – because most people can't resist a hanging chair.

1. How to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors or Outdoors?
Installing a hanging chair is straightforward because you only need one anchor point.


Before installing your hanging chair, make sure you assemble your tool kit and accessories. You need:

  • Stud finder to locate a secure joist or beam.
    Pencil – to mark the anchor point.
    Drill with a ¼" drill bit.
    Eye protection, as you will be drilling into the beam and creating dust particles.
    Link lock or a carabiner.
    Step ladders or a ladder.
    Swing straps and a chain.
    Eyebolt screw – 3/8" x 4" – for the anchor point.
    S hook to attach the chair to the anchor point.
    Spring or swivel to increase the freedom of movement.


The other points you need to consider include:

· Height – you need at least two feet of clearance to avoid sitting on the floor.
· Space – the point of a hanging chair is that it swings, so you need enough room to move freely.
· Weight – the anchor point needs to support the chair and your full body weight.


2. How to Hang a Hammock Chair from the Ceiling or Beam?
The process of hanging the hammock from the ceiling or a beam involves the following steps.

#1 Locate the best position for the anchor point

The beams on a pergola are obvious, but the joists in a ceiling are not visible. Use your stud finder to locate a secure joist. When you find the best point, mark it with your pencil.

#2 Fix the anchor point in position

Ensure you wear eye protection because you are likely to be looking up while you are drilling the pilot hole. Use the ¼" drill bit to drill a pilot hole into the marked anchor point. Then screw in the eyebolt screw and make sure it is firmly in position. Use a screwdriver to tighten if necessary.

#3 Hang the hanging chair

You can use ropes, chains, swing straps, or a hanging kit, but you attach the hanging swing chair to the S hook with a link lock, spring, or swivel, depending on your preferred set-up.

#4 Test the load-bearing

Load up the hanging swing chair with books or cans first to see if the anchor point is secure. Test that the hanging chair can support your weight by carefully sitting in it – keeping your feet on the ground. When you feel confident, lift your feet – if everything remains in place, you know the hammock chair is secure.

3. How to Hang a hammock Swing Chair from a Tree?
First, assess the tree for suitability -you need a branch that can bear the weight and provide enough height for the hanging swing chair to swing freely.

You need a rope or chain to loop around the branch. The rope or chain needs to be strong enough to support your weight. You can pass the rope or chain through the hammock ring or use an S hook or link lock to connect the hammock swing chair to the rope or chain. Using an additional connector makes it straightforward to take the chair inside overnight.

The loop of rope or chain around the branch needs to provide 8" minimum clearance between the branch and the hanging swing chair ring. Without this clearance, the branch will suffer damage from the hammock swing chair's swinging action – not good for the health of the tree.


4. Frequently Asked Questions:

4.1 Can I use a drywall anchor to hang a hammock chair?
No, a drywall anchor is not strong enough for the combined weight of the chair and you. To hang a hanging chair from a ceiling, you must locate a supporting beam using your stud finder.


4.2 What weight will a hammock chair support?
The weight your hammock chair supports depends on the hanging swing chair – a child's chair will not support an adult. Always check the chair's load capacity; as a general guide, you'd expect an adult's hammock swing chair to support up to 400lbs.


4.3 What if I don't have a beam or tree to support my hammock chair?
You can still enjoy the comfort of a swinging hanging swing chair by using a stand. A hanging chair stand lets you set up your hammock swing chair anywhere in your back yard and any room with enough space.


4.4 Is it difficult to hang a hammock chair?
It is really easy to hang a hammock chair with a few simple accessories and a drill. You can hang a hanging chair without tools from a tree branch or use a stand.


4.5 Are hammock chairs comfortable?
Hammock chairs cradle your body and release your inner child with a gentle rocking motion that promotes the ultimate in relaxation. Once you've tried a hammock swing chair in your backyard oasis, you aren't going to want to let anyone else use it.



5. Handy Hints for Hammock Chairs:
There are a couple of little points to watch out for in using and maintaining your hanging swing chair.

5.1 Avoid Friction
Your hammock swing chair comes with hanging loops, and it is tempting to put those straight on the hook. The swinging motion rubs the loops on the hook, and eventually, they wear and break. If you use a loop of rope or chain to attach the hanging chair loops to the hook, you remove the friction and prolong your chair's life.


5.2 Avoid Tangles
When you are picking up your hanging swing chair, use the hanging loops. When you put it into storage, either fold it carefully or hang it on a storage hook using the loops.


5.3 Hand Wash
A gentle hand wash is the best way to clean your hanging chair. Handle it carefully to avoid the risk of developing tangles.


5.4 Maintain and Repair
Leaving the hammock swing chair exposed to sunlight and weather shortens its life. When not in use, put your hanging chair into storage to prolong its life. Check the hanging swing chair for damage before use, and if a string breaks – tie the loose ends together or splice in a new rope. If you have a fabric hammock chair, patch any holes or tears to avoid further damage.

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