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A chainsaw in your pocket? Most people think of chainsaws as a noisy power tool cutting down forests in minutes, but you can get the equivalent of a chainsaw that doesn't need fuel or a power lead, and it can fit in a pocket or backpack.


1. What is a Pocket Chainsaw?
A pocket chainsaw is a manual tool that does the job of a chainsaw in cutting branches and small trees. It consists of a metal chain with teeth and a handle at each end. It is more flexible than a hand saw or axe and packs into a smaller space.

A folding chain hand saw is more convenient and less dangerous to use than a powered chainsaw. Plus, it is environmentally friendly as it works on muscle power. On the other hand, it takes more effort (you get a good workout) and needs to use two hands.

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2. Why Do You Need a Pocket Chainsaw?
A pocket chainsaw is a useful device for quickly sawing through wood. It is helpful for:

· Gardening – as an aid to pruning branches or removing small trees.

· Clearing obstructions – either on a trail or path.

· Producing firewood for a campfire.

· Tree surgery.

A pocket chainsaw is a useful item to have in your survival or tool kit because it is light and straightforward to use.



3. How Does a Pocket Chainsaw Work?
Using a pocket chainsaw involves wrapping the chain around the tree trunk or branch you want to saw. Holding a handle in each hand, you alternate pulling your hands towards you to produce a sawing action.

The teeth on the chain tear rapidly through the wood. Depending on what you are sawing, you may need to brace the wood with your foot. Alternatively, two people can use the folding chain hand saw, with each person responsible for one handle for larger tree limbs.

When done with the folding chain hand saw, you pack it away in its pouch to avoid accidentally cutting your hand.



4. What Features are Best in a Pocket Chainsaw?
The pocket chainsaw is a chain and two handles, but think about:

· Weight – Ideally, you want a pocket chainsaw to weigh less than a pound, so it doesn't add too much weight to your pack.

· Teeth per inch – the more teeth per inch on the chain, the faster the chainsaw will tear through the wood.

· Type of teeth – ensure you have chainsaw teeth and not saw teeth on your folding chain hand saw. Saw style teeth need sharpening more often.


· Chain material – heat-treated high carbon steel stays sharper for longer and is durable.

· Rust protection – most folding chain hand saws have a coating to protect against rust, but maintenance and regular oiling help.

· Self-cleaning teeth – in the field, you won't have time to clean your folding chain hand saw before you pack it away, so self-cleaning teeth are a useful feature. Plus, this feature prevents clogging and loss of effectiveness when using the pocket chainsaw.


· Bi-directional blades cut in both directions, which makes cutting through the logs a quicker process.

· Handles – often, the handles are loops of nylon but check that the handle is securely attached to the chain. Look for reinforcing and handles that are comfortable for your hands.

· Pouch or case – the container needs to be robust enough to contain the folding chain hand saw without tearing or splitting.


· Length – most pocket chainsaws are between 24 and 48 inches in length – choose the size that fits your needs and the type of wood you need to saw. A 48-inch chain can cut branches up to 25 inches.

· Sharpening tools – round files are necessary for resharpening the teeth, and it is helpful if some files come with the folding chain hand saw.


· Replacement chains – availability and affordability of replacement chains may influence your choice of a folding chain hand saw.

· Warranty – the length of the warranty is a good indicator of durability.

· Bonus items in the bundle – folding chain hand saws often come as part of a package deal.



5. Maintaining Your Pocket Chainsaw
Pocket chainsaws are a straightforward item that requires minimal maintenance. Rust is the most significant threat to any metal tool. Most folding chain hand saws have an antirust coating but ensuring you keep the chainsaw dry and applying a light layer of oil helps prolong the chain's life.

Sharp blades are more effective than blunt, high carbon steel teeth stay sharp for a long time but will need occasional resharpening. You can buy round files for sharpening chain saw teeth, but you may prefer to have a replacement chain.



6. Frequently Asked Questions:

6.1 Is a pocket chainsaw safe?
A pocket chain saw us very safe to use because it is a manual device. Powered chainsaws class as one of the most dangerous because of the risk of accidentally injuring someone. You don't face this risk with a folding chain hand saw because you place the chain around the tree limb before starting the sawing action. Plus, it is a manual sawing action that stops when you do. It is not sensible to stand underneath a branch while you saw through it.


6.2 Is a Pocket Chainsaw Effective?
A pocket chainsaw is an effective sawing tool that uses muscle power to saw through small tree trunks and branches quickly. Provided you have the energy; it is a quick and useful tool.


6.3 Are Pocket Chainsaws Expensive?
Most folding chain hand saws cost less than $25. You can pay a lot more (up to $100) depending on the chain material's quality. If you use a folding chain hand saw for your work, you will invest more in it than if you want it for the occasional camping trip.


6.4 Is a Pocket Chainsaw Difficult to Use?
Using a folding chain hand saw is easy for anyone to understand as it merely involves wrapping a chain around timber and moving your hands backwards and forwards. It does involve effort, but the person dictates the speed.


6.5 Is a Pocket Chainsaw Better than a Folding Saw?
Pocket chainsaws tend to take up less space in a pack and are very versatile, but you need two hands to operate them. A folding saw needs one hand but tends to be slower to use.

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