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About Kont

The Free Spirits (the boss worked for the largest outdoor company in Asia for many years when he was young) and knot (the boss is a professional outdoor enthusiast) have their own paranoia in design and distinctive personality, because they have a deep understanding of the design and use of tents know. If you agree with the concept and fit of the tent, you will be very comfortable to use, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

The two bosses have technical ideas, and they are quite... paranoid when communicating with others. If you don't know anything about tents, it can be difficult to communicate with them.

The Free Spirits no longer pursues lightweight, but pursues multi-function and increased playability.

Knot pursues simplicity, and has higher requirements for outdoor experience and brain and hands-on ability.

In terms of fabrics, only knot is almost exclusively made of double silicon fabrics. The disadvantage of the double silicon fabric tent is that it looks crumpled. Single silicon fabric is beautiful, smooth and smooth, but will debond after a few years.

Why insist on using double silicon fabric?
Because most of Knot's products are pyramid tents, which have a large inclination, and have greater water repellency when encountering rain/dew. Compared with other types of tents, the structural advantages are obvious. In many cases, it is possible to sew without glue.

Double silicon fabric is 30+% more expensive than Single silicon fabric, it is more difficult to sew, and the error rate is higher (higher technical level of workers is required), so if it is to increase the market capacity and make more profits, more than 90% quality comparison A good tent is to choose Single silicon fabric.

However, the double silicon fabric has better tear resistance. One surface of the single silicon fabric is basically PU coating. Although it has good water pressure resistance, the PU coating limits the slippage of the warp and weft of the fabric after being stressed. Amplitude, the degree of tear expansion will increase after local damage. On the contrary, under the smooth action of silicone oil, the yarn of double silicon fabric has better slippage after being stressed, which reduces the expansion of damage and has better tear resistance.

Double-silicon nylon cannot be glued and needs to be glued on the seams, but its service life will be longer than that of single-silicon, so it has always been the first choice for top international tents. Under the same specification, double silicon nylon is lighter.

Knot considers the main pyramid tent, combined with the factors of light weight and strength, so it chooses double silicon nylon. Why not use lighter cuben or nylon 66 with better strength? The advantages of cuben are obvious in all aspects, in line with the characteristics of lightweight, because the expensive price does not meet our product line. Our idea is for everyone to buy our tents without stress, adding more fun to use, and not paying a very expensive price. In today's economy, the price of £400 for a tent I don't think everyone can afford.

The strength of nylon 66 is better than that of ordinary nylon, but the strength of the fabric is far greater than that of the pyramid tent structure, and there is no need to pay more for the overflow performance.

Tower tents are more resistant to wind and snow pressure. You have seen many cross-pole tents that were blown off by the wind and the poles were broken by snow in the wild, but there were no trekking poles that broke the supporting pole. Hiking poles are all man-made disasters. In a word, if you can't even set up a tent, don't play outdoors.

Especially in strong winds, the pyramids and twin minarets can be easily built by one person, and the cross-pole tent is also difficult to set up by two people. This is determined by the structure of both parties. The cross-pole tent is wrapped around the pole with a tight outer tent. The tent pole and the out tent form a stable whole, but when building, the whole has only one face at the beginning, and it is very unstable at this time. very unbalanced.

In the end, there are many factors that affect which tent to choose.

For example, the depth of personal understanding of tents, personal outdoor experience and knowledge, and personal hands-on ability. How to pull the wind rope, how to put the ground nails, how to choose the wind rope, how to choose the ground nails. Which tent is well ventilated and which is not prone to condensation are all knowledge and skills.

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