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If you are in the market for professional camping equipment, Mobi Garden may not be the brand name that comes to mind. Still, it is a leading manufacturer in the camping field and cooperates with well-known European and American brands to learn design concepts and 80% of its production goes to the western market. Mobi Garden is an OEM for some European and American outdoor brands, but I can't say which brands are specific. This is a typical example of China's manufacturing industry. Many well-known Chinese manufacturing industries are like this. The brand owners are European and American countries, and the products are manufactured in China. If you are a serious camper, you may not have heard of Mobi Garden (before now), but you've undoubtedly seen or slept in one of their tents.

We stock Mobi Garden professional quality outdoor products because they are simply one of the best available for form, function, and quality. Buying Mobi Garden as a self-branded product gives you the high-end features at a budget price because you are not paying for all the brand marketing. According to my industry experience in the past few years, a tent is priced at several hundred dollars, if it reducing production and transportation costs, design + office + operating costs, etc., a large part of which is brand marketing and profit.

Buying Mobi Garden products from us gives you high-end professional camping equipment at a bargain-basement price, and that's worth a second look.

mobi garden

The Mobi Garden Story

Mobi Garden, founded in 2003, has a mission to provide professional camping equipment to serve the needs of:

· High-altitude (challenging) camping,

· Camping while backpacking or hiking,

· General camping at parks and festivals, and

· Any other scenario where a tent adds to your comfort.

In 2003, Mobi Garden started with the LS Tent series, but they expanded into outdoor clothing, all built to a high professional standard in the following years. Mobi Garden's mission is to get you close to nature, exploring the natural world, and through knowledge, understanding, and harmony with our beautiful planet protecting our wild spaces for future generations.


Innovation, Design, and Quality

Mobi Garden doesn't believe you should be wet, cold, or miserable while camping. Their professional camping equipment creates tents that give you comfort, spaciousness, a touch of luxury, and a beautiful experience to share with friends, family or enjoy by yourself as a blissful retreat from your busy life.

Mobi Garden works across the globe for many leading brands and tent designers - including the development, design, and manufacturing of tents and other camping products. More than 80% of Mobi Garden high-quality outdoor products go to Europe and the southern hemisphere – Mobi Garden has a huge market share because its camping products are recognizably high quality and extremely affordable, the same in China.

Steady progress, building quality into every part of the production from process design, production efficiency, materials chosen for quality and function, and an excellent and responsive customer service ethos. Mobi Garden's pride and professionalism have built a strong brand awareness with outdoor equipment suppliers worldwide. Mobi Garden is the power behind the best global brand names.


Why Buy Mobi Garden Camping Equipment?

Mobi Garden has completely independent product development capabilities:

· Developing between 200 and 300 ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) tent samples every year.

· 400 plus self-branded products.

· Global recognition of in-house camping tent research and development.

· Holds more than 100 patents relating to camping equipment.

It may be the name behind the prominent brands. Last year, the management of Mobi Garden wanted to develop its own brand in Europe and America and strengthen its reputation. Still, it has a range of self-owned brands available for the discerning customer who values quality, function, and professionalism in outdoor products.

Mobi Garden professional camping equipment

Mobi Garden professional camping equipment means that you get:

· Excellent weatherproofing – waterproof and windproof; when you use this equipment, you stay warm and dry.

· Locking warmth in and locking cold out in tents that weather the severest storm at high-altitude

· Lightweight – the best technologies reduce weight but give higher performance.

· Durable – affordable prices are not a compromise on longevity with Mobi Garden products.

· Latest and best technologies and processes in outdoor gear.

· Best price for a high-end tent by cutting out the expensive marketing stages between factory to end-user.


The Mobi Garden team is passionate about coatings for waterproofing, windproofing and UV protection, fabrics, pole materials, structural design, and shapes – above all, Mobi Garden teams care about the customer experience using outdoor products. Mobi Garden professional camping equipment will provide you with a safe experience in the polar regions or your back garden.

We select our range of Mobi Garden camping products to provide the most suitable product for your needs. We know what you need to create the best camping environment on your outdoor adventure, and we are committed to providing quality products at an affordable price. We supply Mobi garden because you get all the benefits of premium tents and technologies at a fraction of the cost you expect for this quality.

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